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Like playing the piano, there are two sub-specialties of Plastic surgery that I am passionate about: Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery and Hand Surgery.  Mastering the smallest detail in anatomy is one aspect that I love about Aesthetic and Hand Surgery.  The meticulous dissection required in a facelift,  rhinoplasty and peripheral nerve surgery is exciting as it is related to the mastery of anatomy and innovative plastic surgical techniques.  The finesse and creativity involved in both cosmetic and hand surgery, such as creating a new thumb or making someone look 20 years younger, are exhilarating.  So what is my secret?  Hand and Aesthetic Surgery are my secret wives.  




Alaskan fisherman who had an amputation of his thumb from a work-related injury.



New thumb that Joel Solomon M.D. and I reconstructed using thepatient's toe.



Emmanuel De La Cruz M.D.

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