August 24, 2018

Recientemente se han reportado numerosos casos del uso de productos de grado industrial inyectados en distintas partes del cuerpo, como en los glúteos y muslos, realizados por profesionales no calificados o que no poseen las licencias reglamentarias. Algunos de estos p...

August 24, 2018

Many people who desire a fuller, beautiful, curvy backside/derriere will opt for a buttocks augmentation with fat grafting (generally known as “Brazilian Butt Lift”). This is a popular cosmetic procedure which uses fat transfer to provide a more curvaceous buttock with...

August 24, 2018

One of the biggest myths about liposuction is that the technique is reserved for slim people looking to improve just small, isolated fat pockets. Nowadays, with large volume VASER Liposuction a broader range of patients can experience exceptional results, even if they...

Statistics published last month by the American Society of Plastic Surgeon (ASPS) show a significant, sustained growth rate of minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures, as 15.7 million minimally-invasive treatments were performed in the U.S last year, which represents ar...

Longer Eyelashes with Latisse?  Is It Safe during Pregnancy?

Longer eyelashes have been the universal symbol of beauty, especially since a woman's eyes greatly affects her whole appearance.  Thicker and longer eyelashes enhance one's beauty, and it's no secret that men...

Dermal Filler Injection for Breast Augmentation:  Is it Safe?

Research has shown that many women have shown significant interest in having abreast augmentation.  However, only a small percentage of women who contemplated about breast enhancement opted to undergo surgic...

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Venous Freeze in The Woodlands | Houston

Cellulite reduction?  Is Venous Freeze the potential solution?

Cellulite Reduction

  •  Venous Freeze has been known to reduce cellulite.

Potential Complications from Venous Freeze

  • Burning of skin 

  • Recurrence of...

Breast Feeding After Breast Augmentation

   There are two main types of implants being used for breast augmentation:  silicone gel and saline implants.  Neither silicone gel nor saline implants interfere with breast-feeding.  Although there have been con...

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